• Australian Shepherd
  • Curly Coated Retriever
  • Boston-Terrier
  • Pug
Australian Shepherd by their nature are very hardworking and responsible, they are always eager to please his master. They are kind and friendly, and very active, their mobility does not allow them to exist in a confined space for a perfect state of health, they need space. These dogs, faithful and loyal friends but, in addition, they are perfect and attentive students grasp the knowledge they are literally on the fly. They love outdoor games and walks with the owner, it is important for them attention and approval of master in everything, no matter what they do.

Dimensions of this breed dogs reach a maximum of 58 cm. The Australian Shepherd has received the status of the shepherd, it is easy to operate with a herd of cows or a flock of sheep. The coat color of Australian Shepherd can be different, but the most common variations are marbled red marbled or blue.
Curly Coated Retriever - a great hunting dog, eagerly working on the water. It has an excellent sense of smell, this dog soft grip, not spoiling production, Curly Coated Retriever is perfect for duck hunting. It is an excellent companion and hunting dog, and his gentle character makes him an outstanding family pet! Curley extremely devoted to his family, and even stand on its defense.

Large and hardy dog, males can reach a height of 68 cm. They come in black and brown (liverwurst) color. A distinctive feature is their Curly Coats, which is a solid mass of stiff curls. Wool Curley virtually waterproof, so cold and damp weather it is not terrible. Hunters often prefer brown dogs, because this color is less noticeable on the marshy soil, rivers and lakes.
It is very cheerful and playful dog, adoring active games and walks. Primarily, this breed companion. It's a little stubborn and requires education from childhood. Despite the slight increase, the dog is doing a watchdog function. However, these dogs are too trusting of strangers and may even leave with a stranger. Boston terriers are easy to train and get along great with people, performing teams all members of the host family. They get along well with children and other pets.

It is solely a domestic dog, fairly easy to care for. They were not needed constant supervision and long exhausting walks, enough half-hour walking twice a day.        The big advantage is their short hair, which almost does not fade. Frequently wash Boston is not necessary. To this end, guided by the purity of white wool sites.
Pugs as if specially designed to live in a big family, where love to caress their pets - most of the time this animal is happy to hold on its side, well, or at some other interesting posture, rhythmic snoring in his sleep. But despite the low level of activity, pug breed is not indifferent to the activity at all, and not refuse to play a bit with the owner. Especially the playful young individuals. However, this energy is enough long. With the problems of education and training will not be accurate, while learning more complex commands pug owners will have to show all their persistence.

Pug is very friendly breed of dog that is strongly tied to their family members, and will playfully greet guests at the doorstep. Some individuals are even ready to go to sleep at the hands of family friends. Given the good nature pug should teach him not to approach strangers on the team and not to take food with their hands.